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Murals in the refectory

Lecture for Flemish Masters in situ at the STAM city museum in Ghent
Lezing Vlaamse Meesters in Situ STAM

The 14th-century murals in Bijloke Abbey’s refectory undoubtedly tickle the imagination, but we know precious little about them. Why did the Cistercian nuns decorate their refectory so lusciously, for example? And what do the murals mean, what place did they have in the world of the nuns?

Researcher and exhibition maker at the museum Brecht Dewilde tries to unravel the story behind the murals, analysing their iconography and pairing it up with the use of the refectory as a space and the imagery used by medieval monastic communities. This first Sunday lecture will take place in the refectory itself, under the watchful eye of Christ and His Apostles.