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Themed bicycle tour through Ghent

Discover all the Flemish Masters in situ in Ghent
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Gent
Voor groepen

Reserveren verplicht

A total of six masterpieces in unique locations will be showcased in Ghent. Local guides organisation Gandante has partnered with the Flemish Masters in situ project and put together a lovely bicycle tour along all six sites, accompanied by a guide who knows all about the locations and the masters themselves. Don’t think about it too long, because this daytrip will prove the perfect way to rediscover Flemish heritage in an intimate setting!
The route will go to, among others, the Church of Saint James, the Church of Saint Michael and the STAM city museum, getting you acquainted with work by absolute masters such as Michiel Coxcie and Antoon van Dyck. Visiting all locations should take approximately four hours. Guides can take along a maximum of 20 people. Bikes must be provided by the groups themselves. This day programme was created in collaboration with Flemish arts magazine Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen and the Visit Flanders tourist board.
To book this unique bicycle tour, please send an email to