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Oogst op ’t Stee

Flemish Masters in Situ at Het Stee
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ op't Stee

The Lamentation of Christ is tucked away in the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Watervliet. Here, the Flemish Masters in situ project will be leveraged to encourage support and raise awareness for the major religious heritage in the church.
Sint-Laureins council is also collaborating closely with Oogst op ’t Stee, a not-for-profit organisation made up of members of the Church Council, the fun fair organisation committee and local traders, to make the masterpiece more accessible for inhabitants of the area.
During the Oogst op ’t Stee event, which takes place every year on 15 August, the local village square, better known as ‘Het Stee’, is transformed into a lively scene with artists and craftsmen exhibiting their works and wares, and local producers selling their ‘harvest’ while offering little tasters. Traders and catering businesses are also welcome to offer their products for sale and there is always lots of children’s entertainment too. This year, for Flemish Masters in situ, the children will have the opportunity to create an enormous reproduction of the masterpiece by colouring in little sections of it.
During Oogst op ’t Stee, the church will also be open to the public and its art treasures will be exhibited to all visitors who have come to the event. Inside, lots of craftsmen will present their creations, and a few artists will even give their own interpretation of the top piece, while Amicita Gregoriana and the wonderful organ will get everyone in the right mood with atmospheric music and Gregorian chants. One of the most specialised guides in the Meetjesland region will also offer guided tours for groups.
For more info and tour reservations, please send an email to or call +32 (0)9 2187647