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Church of Saint John the Baptist

Altarpiece of Saint John the Baptist
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Sint-Jan de Doperkerk Lierde

Dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, this altarpiece from the beginning of the 16th century is a remarkable feat of wood carving which was evidently created at the dawn of the Renaissance. It depicts five scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist, starting with the baptism of Jesus and ending with the miraculous discovery of Saint John’s head by the Benedictine monks. Hence the assumption that the empty niche at its centre would have proudly displayed a reliquary bust or a model of his head on a platter (‘in disco’).

Church of Saint John the Baptist

Apart from its tower, the current church is primarily a neo-gothic building, in spite of the construction and refurbishment works that went on for centuries using various types of stone. The interior is even more special, thanks to its lush furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries. Gems like the rococo pulpit and the organ by the Van Peteghem family, and of course the famous altarpiece, adorn the interior.

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