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Route Antwerpen

Flemish Masters in Situ by the river
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Antwerpen

Along the banks of the Schelde lies Antwerp, a vibrant city on the shores of the river. According to the legend, the city got his name from the brave Brabo, who conquered the giant Antigoon. The last demanded an outrageous amount of money from all the shippers on the river. If they didn’t want to pay, he cut off their hands. Brabo beat Antigoon by cutting off hís hand, and throwing it in the Schelde. From the ‘throwing of the hand’, in Dutch they say ‘hand werpen’, the name ‘Antwerpen’, Antwerp, was deduced.  

Peter Paul Rubens, one of the most influential artists from the seventeenth century, found his home in the city by the river. His masterpiece The Disputation of the Holy Sacrament perks up the Church of Saint Paul, in the heart of the city. The beautiful painting was saved on a close call from a big fire in 1968, together with 50 other paintings, and 200 statues. The late gothic church is definitely worth a visit! 

On a ten minute walk from the church, Den Wolsack is hidden. Behind a small, green garden, de Hofkamer can be found. There, the biggest ceiling painting in Europe has its place. The artwork was recently renovated, so it can be admired in its original glory. Apart from two magnificent Flemish Masters in Situ, the city has a lot more to offer! The ideal place for an active and informative day!