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Route Maaseik - Bocholt

Flemish Masters in Situ Limburg
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Limburg

Bocholt was mentioned for the first time in the twelfth century as ‘Bucolt’, translated to English from old Dutch, it means ‘beech forest’. Today, the little village is still surrounded by beautiful nature, the perfect environment for a pretty walk. Make sure to take a look in the Church of Saint Lawrence, where a sixteenth-century Flemish Masterpiece is hidden. It is a very impressive altarpiece, with no less than 77 individual, little statues!

Did you know that the church of Bocholt became too small in 1910, and that the inhabitants of the village just moved the tower? With a speed of a few inches per hour, it was transferred more than 9 meters in its entirety! 

If you make a bike ride of one hour, on the shores of the river Maas, you find Maaseik. Hidden in a very green environment, it is the perfect place to relax. When you arrive, don’t forget to visit the Church of Saint Catherine, where a beautiful silver treasure awaits, also visit the Church of Saint Lambert, where the Meester van Elsloo finds its home. 

Discover the route Maaseik-Bocholt on your own, or visit the different sites with the mapped Flemish Masters in Situ-cycling tour. 

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