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Church of Saint Lambert

Saint Christopher
Meester van Elsloo

The story of Saint Christopher is well-known: as he is carrying a child across a river one day, it seems to weigh as heavy as lead. But the child is Christ who carries the burden of the world! In this work, too, Jesus is holding a globe on His knee. Research has attributed this late gothic oak sculpture from around 1510-1530 to a group of sculptors known as the Meester van Elsloo of whom numerous works are known to exist in the Dutch and Belgian Provinces of Limburg. Certainly have a look at the fish swimming at Saint Christopher’s feet!

Church of Saint Lambert

The marlstone Church of Saint Lambert dominates the centre of this village. The remarkable murals on the gothic vaulted ceilings date back to the beginning of the 16th-century, while the current tower was built in 1710 after its predecessor collapsed and the largest portion of the furniture in the church stems from after the restoration in the early 1900s. The collection of late gothic sculptures is remarkable too, as it is the richest in the region.

Monday and Friday 08:30 - 18:00
Saturday and Sunday 08:30 - 18:00
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