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Church of Saint Catherine

Frederik Malders
Sint-Catharinakerk Maaseik

Frederik Malders (1592-1662) was famous for his silverware in Maaseik. He worked for the churches and monasteries in the area and made liturgical objects in gold and silver, such as chalices, oil and anointing balm vessels, platters, etc. When the French wanted to confiscate the lot in 1796, it was the sacristan of the church who saved the collection for posterity by hiding the valuable objects.

Church of Saint Catherine

Constructed to replace the old, dilapidated collegiate church, the current brick building dates from 1845 and is built in neo-classicist style with a sober interior that incorporates a few older elements, such as the altar and the choir from around 1700. Apart from the remarkable textile collection which mainly stems from the former Aldeneik Abbey, the church treasure also boasts many written documents, such as the 8th-century Codex Eyckensis, the oldest Gospel in the Benelux and a Flemish top piece.

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