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Route de Kempen

Masterful cycling in the Kempen
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ De Kempen

The Campine region! It might be famous for being the largest green region in Flanders, but do not be fooled... It also has lots to offer in terms of culture and history apart from all its marshes, sand dunes, heathland and forests. All that natural beauty also inspired many artists to create wonderful pieces. So the region in the northeast of Belgium has quite a considerable collection of Flemish Masters in Situ to visit. Marvel at these delightful works - including a few Flemish top pieces - and the lovely settings surrounding them. Because you will not only be visiting the timeless masterpieces themselves, you will find them in abbeys, in the rolling countryside, historical town centres, authentic country villages and many other surprising places. In other words, there will be enough to fill a whole day  (or several, even) with altarpieces, old masters and  picturesque locations.

To give you a boost, we linked all the beautiful sites in a multi-day cycling program: ride your bike in the masterly Kempen!

We can inspire you with three different bicycle loops:

  • loop Turnhout, Hoogstraten and Oud-Turnhout
  • loop Herentals, Geel and Westerlo
  • loop Lier

Good for around 130 kilometres cultural fun! Is it too long? No problem, the bicycle loops follow the bycicle ‘nods’, so you can take a shortcut wherever you want!

You can find the map in the touristic services from the villages. Or download them through this link!

Breath in the undiluted air and enjoy cultural activities! 

Sites in deze route