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Church of Saint Waltrude

Altarpiece of Saint Crispin and Saint Crispinian
Passier Borreman
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Herentals

This altarpiece from around 1515-1525 by Brussels carver Passier Borreman, the most valuable possession of the church, shows the martyrdom of the two patron saints of the shoemakers and tanners guild, two brothers from Roman times. We assume it was never polychrome, which very much went against tradition. And that’s not the only special thing about it, it is also one of a select number that bears Borreman’s signature, as he hewed his name in two of the figures.

Church of Saint Waltrude

Lavishly decorated with parapets, gargoyles, niches and turrets, and locally called the ‘Upper Church’, this building is a white-stone basilica in Brabantine gothic. The position of the tower between the choir and the nave is striking, as it is the only remnant of the original 14th-century church and seems to sink into the nave. The building also boasts a considerable number of special art gems, in part due to the guilds, trade associations and fraternities who flocked to the church to put up their own altarpieces.

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