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Church of Saint Walpurga

Christ washes the souls from Purgatory with His Blood
Vigor Boucquet
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Veurne

This canvas from around 1663 was originally intended for the altar of the Fraternity of the Pious Souls (Broederschap van de Gelovige Zielen), founded shortly before by priest Jacob de Wieu to pray for mercy on the souls in Purgatory. The rather bloody scene depicts Christ bleeding at the centre of a fountain amidst Purgatory, while the two angels in the foreground hoist two female figures out of the lake of fire. Painter from Veurne Vigor Boucquet was well known for his portraits. Work by him can be found in a number of West-Flemish churches.

Church of Saint Walpurga

This church could secure the relics of Saint Walpurga in the 10th century and later also came into possession of a relic of the Holy Cross. It is the only church in Belgium’s coastal region with an evidently grand concept for its gothic construction: the choir and its apse chapels are early gothic. At the start of the 20th century, the building was enlarged with two side aisles and a short nave in neo-gothic style. Famous organists play the organ here during the Veurne-Westkust International Organ Festival.

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