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Church of Saint Peter

Pulpit with The Calling of Peter and Andrew
Hendrik Peeters-Divoort
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Turnhout

In 1862 the Turnhout-born sculptor Hendrik Peeters-Divoort creates a new pulpit for the church of Saint Peter. The naturalist pulpit of the Antwerp Saint Andrew’s church inspires him. Nature completely disguises the functional structure of a classic pulpit. The fish in the fishermen’s boat however come straight from the North Sea.

Church of Saint Peter

This monumental church boasts a large number of masterpieces collected over its more than four centuries’ long history which began when the building was constructed around 1300. The baroque furniture made by artists such as Walter Pompe, is remarkable, as is the 52-bell carillon by bell founders Van den Gheyn.

Grote Markt
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