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Church of Saint Lawrence

Marian altarpiece
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Bocholt Sint-Laurentiuskerk

The artists who made this impressive altarpiece, a Flemish top piece with wood carvings (77 statues) and decorated shutters, clearly sought inspiration in the Bible stories about the family and life of Mary. The current altarpiece, however, was the result of a restoration project by Antwerp sculptor Pierre Peeters, who at the start of the 20th century combined the Antwerp Altarpiece of Mary from around 1525 with panels about the life and martyrdom of Saint Lawrence. The side panels are attributed to Early Netherlandish painter Colijn de Coter.

Church of Saint Lawrence

Extended at the start of the 20th century and rebuilt after WWII, the current church is a typical Maasland region village church built in 15th century late gothic style. The oldest part of its marlstone tower from 1411 was moved ten metres in 1910! The church is one of the most important buildings of its kind in the Limburg Campine region and has a Tabernacle tower of more than 5 m high dating from the 15th century as well as a statue of Saint Christopher of more than 2.5 m tall which was made by Jan van Steffeswert around 1530 and has been recognised as a Flemish top piece.

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