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Church of Our Lady

The Judgment of Cambyses
Vigor Boucquet
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Nieuwpoort

Vigor Boucquet was a successful baroque painter from the nearby town of Veurne. This work, which tells the story of a corrupt judge from antiquity who was skinned alive in punishment for his sins, was painted in 1671 for Nieuwpoort’s town hall.  As the local aldermen would hear court cases in the building, a scene of judgement like this would essentially serve as a warning to the judges that they must do their job fairly and worthily. Indeed, the work may well have been paid for by someone who was sentenced by them, as a way of paying his/her fine.

Church of Our Lady

This three-aisle gothic hall church with a well-nigh separate tower on its north side is Nieuwpoort’s main church. It was rebuilt after the devastation of WWI according to the original plans and again after WWII It boasts a number of valuable stained glass windows, depicting not only biblical themes, but also local historic events. The altarpiece of Our Lady, for example, shows a fishing boat to symbolise the city.

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