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Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

The Lamentation of Christ
Meester van Frankfurt
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Watervliet Nood Gods Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartkerk

This monumental triptych, a Flemish top piece, was created around 1520 for the high altar and has been attributed to the Meester van Frankfurt, an artist thought to have been a painter from Antwerp (some of whose work is now in Frankfurt, hence his notname). The man on the far right in the centre panel is probably a self-portrait. The left panel shows Christ carrying the cross, the centre the descent from the cross and the right Christ rising from His grave. Its title, The Lamentation of Christ, refers to the sorrow of Mary and other figures who surround the lifeless body of Jesus.

Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

Hieronymus Lauweryn van Watervliet was a courtier of Philip I of Castile (Philip the Handsome) and commissioned the gothic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady to be constructed shortly after 1500. The building has been nicknamed ‘the cathedral of the north’ due to its remarkable architecture and impressively rich interior, which includes a number of top pieces, such as the baroque marble high altar by Lucas Faydherbe and a work by baroque painter and Rubens collaborator Daniel Seghers.

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