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Bijloke Abbey refectory in STAM

The Last Supper
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ STAM

The east wall of the hall depicts two compositions: The Last Supper of 10 m wide above the door - a theme often to be found in abbey refectories - and The Blessing of Mary above, while the opposite side has images of Saint Christopher and Saint John the Baptist. All the murals together tell of the Messiah’s coming and the fulfilment of God’s promise to man during the Last Supper. Christ’s coming was foretold by Saint Christopher and Saint John the Baptist, and enabled by Mary, so they are His ‘Christ-bearers’ or the Lord’s predecessors, as it were.

Bijloke Abbey refectory in STAM

The STAM city museum is situated on the site of Bijloke abbey, a place with a long and rich history closely connected to the story of Ghent. The most impressive space in the abbey must be the refectory, a large gothic room with original murals from the 14th century. As was common during the Middle Ages, the walls of the hall were finished with chalk, plaster and paint, with seven pointed arches supporting the barrel-vault ceiling which spans the space of 31 by 10 m.

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