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Abbey church of Averbode Abbey

Altar dedicated to Saint Norbert
Pieter Scheemaeckers - Jan Erasmus Quellinus
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ, Abdijkerk Averbode

On 13 July 1700 a contract was concluded between sculptor Pieter Scheemaeckers and the abbot of Averbode. The abbot commissioned an altar dedicated to Saint Norbert. He is the founder of the Order of Prémontré, which the community of the abbey of Averbode is part of. Everything on the altar had to be linked into the life and spirituality of Saint Norbert and his order. The painting by Jan Erasmus Quellinus hangs centrally between four helical columns: Saint Augustine gives his Rule to Norbert.

Abbey church of Averbode Abbey

Averbode Abbey is the unique historic location where the Norbertine monastic community settled back in 1134. The courtyard and the pond glittering in the sunshine will impress any visitor who walks through its gates eager for a beautiful photograph. The perfect place to find inner peace, the abbey church offers a very special combination of baroque and gothic architecture. Definitely also worth a visit is the abbey’s churchyard, where early 20th-century Flemish writer Ernest Claes is buried.

Abdijstraat 1
Open every afternoon from 1.30pm. until 5.30 pm