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Themed walk around Ghent

Flemish Masters in Situ in Ghent
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Gent

Sociocultural organisation Amarant is organising this themed walk along the Flemish Masters in situ sites in Ghent: the walk will set off in the historic refectory of former Bijloke Abbey, where the 14th-century murals will get all our attention.
 Then we will go on to the Church of Saint Michael for Antoon van Dyck’s top piece entitled The Crucifixion. We will also pass the Church of Saint James to admire the Christ on the Cross triptych and we will end the day with a tour of the Church of the Presentation of Our Lady in the beguinage, where we will encounter a very singular work by Lucas II Horenbout entitled the Fountain of Life.