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Route Watervliet-Middelburg

Flemish Masters in 'Meetjesland'
Vlaamse Meesters in Situ Meetjesland

Between Ghent and Bruges lies the beautiful landscape called ‘Meetjesland’, with beautiful polders in the north, and calm forests in the south. From the twelfth century on, the area flooded several times, the many streams are leftovers from that history. Between these very small brooks, lies Watervliet. Besides wonderful views, the town owns a Flemish Masterpiece from the sixteenth century, in the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady. It is the ideal place for a cycling tour in the nature, with a cultural stopover!

Take your bike in Watervliet and ride one hour northwards to take a look in another picturesque town called Middelburg. There, you find a beautiful painting in the neogotic Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. 

Discover the route in the ‘Meetjesland’ on your own, or visit the different sites with the mapped Flemish Masters in Situ-walk

Kaart Watervliet - Middelburg
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